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Commercial Insurance Coverage with the best in the industry...The Hartford Insurance Company, Progressive Property and Casualty...

Plan ahead and protect your business and family from unexpected losses with personal and commercial insurance carriers from the Fomukong's Insurance Group and Services, Inc. Since 2000, we have been providing responsible people and businesses throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area with a wide array of affordable personal and  commercial insurance products. We are also licensed in Virgina,Washinton,the District of Columbia and Tennessee. Contact our private passenger, home owners and Commercial Insurance Division in Hyattsville, Maryland today at (888) 510-0620 for an analysis and an affordable insurance quote,

We also provide the Best and the very best  French translations (traduction bilingue) and Interpretation Services in the global emerging environment,  Paralegal Research Services at your finger tips and Notary Public on the spot.  Making life easier for everyone has never been an intimidating task for us at the Fomukongs Professional Enmvironment. For more information about our premier umbrella insurance commercial products, do not hesitate to come by our office in Hyattsville, Maryland. Make an appointment or walk in if you feel comfortable taking us by surprise.  We are here to serve.  "Qui dit traduction, dit Fomukong" aggrege de l'universite de Tours, France. We are most easily accessible now that we are located at the intersection of University Blvd. E. and Riggs Road. 

Insurance Coverage with a very high degree of Integrity, Total Devotedness and Commitment with Steadfast Dedication and God's True Love and Devotedness.
The Fomukong's Insurance Group and Services, Inc.,
is a multifaceted insurance agency that specializes in providing protection to businesses and entrepreneurs who may need General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, Professional Liability (E&O)and even the umbrella coverages for certain risks that need higher limits for contracts and licensing.  We fulfill requirements for protection beyond the ordinary person's imagination.  We take the cold out of every doubtful insurance environment.  With our powerful partnership with the Hartford Insurance, we provide the exclusive Commercial Insurance, CNA bonds and Chesapeake Workers Compensation to businesses in our community. We pride ourselve with staying with our clients and the products we offer them so that they may be guaranteed the total benefit and the utmost satisfaction from our relationship and growth.  We protect  businesses, families, and individuals throughout the greater Washington, DC, metropolitan area.  (Nous sommes des Traducteurs Bilingues et nous assurons aussi les  Services Parajuriques)

We are also licensed in Georgia, Virginia, Delaware and Tennessee.  Additionally, we offer a wide range of helpful business services, including French translations, (Fon-Fomukong, Emmanuel) - the CEO being a product of the Universite de Tours, France)  proofreading, and drafting of legal instruments. Contact us at (888) 510-0620 to sign up for one of our affordable insurance plans and our expert paralegal and French translation and Interpretation services.  We will arrange to accompany you to the Immigration hearing if you are French Speaking and need our resilient unparalleled sylmultaneous or consecutive interpretation services.

A Diverse Audience
At the Fomukong's Insurance Group and Services, Inc., we offer protection for businesses and individuals from all walks of life. We carry specialized insurance plans for middle-class families, senior citizens, businesses, and even E & O for new agents seeking to start an insurance agency. If you are unable to obtain coverage from other agencies or carriers, give us a call today at (888) 510-0620 and we will make every effort to find you the perfect plan to suit your needs and circumstances.  The newest kid in our block of coverages are our IMG product and the Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Medical Insurance products.  Travelling throughout the World with our health policy is a no brainer.  Our IMG product will also repartriate and even make sure a relative travels overseas to take care of your child or minor when things get rough or tough.  No more jokes travelling abroad.  With the Fomukongs, you are covered here in America and even abroad on mission or just visiting friends and family members or on tour.  With the Fomukongs, you will never be in the cold even at sea in the Artic pole.  Tragedy ia not knowing the Fomukongs and their guidance in the insurance industry.


Our Mission Statement

At the Fomukong's Insurance Group and Services, Inc., we promise to uphold steadfast dedication and integrity with every transaction we complete. Our team strives to provide the best possible coverage to suit your individual needs and protect you from every possible hazards. No other agency is better suited to protect you, your family, and your business at home and even abroad. Our French translators  and French Interpreters are the best in the industry.

Our Commitment to Our Clients
Our clients comprise a culturally diverse group that spans every corner of the globe. As such, we provide highly diversified insurance options to satisfy your individual coverage needs. We will even provide coverage to foreign drivers and clients with international driver's licenses–something that many other agencies will not do.

Contact us at (888) 510-0620 to discuss your umbrella insurance options with our friendly agents.

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